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I've been thrilled with Plantaya so far! The packaging is excellent, and I purchased at least seven plants. Two have died, but they were in my care for at least six months. Plantya replaced them anyway, So I'm definitely going to keep ordering.
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Kary M.
I love this store. Whenever I'm looking for a new plant, this is the place I go first. Not only are the prices great, but they have flat rate shipping charges. (Disclaimer: I received early access to Plantaya's plants.) I have yet to find another shop that does this.
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Janelle S.

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Alocasia Silver DragonAlocasia Silver Dragon
Money TreeMoney Tree / Pachira aquatica - Plantaya
Red Anthurium - PlantayaRed Anthurium - Plantaya
White Anthurium - PlantayaWhite Anthurium - Plantaya
Snake Plant Laurentii / Dracaena Trifasciata - PlantayaSnake Plant Laurentii / Dracaena Trifasciata - Plantaya
Monstera Adansonii  / Swiss Cheese Plant - PlantayaMonstera Adansonii  / Swiss Cheese Plant - Plantaya
Neon Pothos - PlantayaNeon Pothos - Plantaya
Golden Pothos / Devil's Ivy - PlantayaGolden Pothos / Devil's Ivy - Plantaya
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