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Here’s how to have the perfect plant date

 While it may not be February anymore, dates are the perfect way to share an intimate activity with someone special, or someone close to you. It can be your next-door neighbor who has an affinity for weird plants or your closest friend, or maybe even your lover. Dates can be shared with anyone, and what better way to spend a therapeutic day than planting? Like dates, planting can be a romantic activity to delve into. Don’t let the planting throw you off, it’s rather fun and easy to do. You might get some dirt over your clothes, but hey, be one with nature. Oh, and of course your date. With that being said, here’s how to…have the perfect plant date. 

  • 1. Bring the goods. No, not just the plants. 

  • Yes, bring snacks, drinks, and anything you’d like to munch in a basket so everything can be carried in one hand! Alongside those goodies, bring the plants you’d like to pot in a recyclable or reusable bag. (The fabric-textured ones do) I personally like to bring some ciders and lots of chips. Oh and the occasional cheese plate. 

  • 2. And the essentials. 

  • With the food basket and plants aside, don’t forget to bring the blanket! You’ll need something to sit on while taking intermissions from planting. If you're planting plants from a plastic container, make sure to bring the vases and necessary tools as well! And a garbage bag to throw your trash away. 

  • 3. Rad planting awaits. 

  • When you arrive at the park or your backyard, make sure to lay out the food on one side and plant goods on the other so there’s no cross contamination. No dirt on my salami today! From my experience, I like to eat a little and then plant. When I plant my plants into a pot, I like to make sure the plastic container and any other trash is taken care of so I can plant in peace, while of course talking to my friend. Have a couple miscellaneous plant vases on standby and get planting! And these vases can be anything. Shoes, old candle jars, tins, the world is your oyster. Or in this case your vase. 

  • 4. See your creation and awe. And some extras. 

  • Soon enough, you’ll have so much fun talking and planting. Be creative. Have fun! It’s all part of the experience. Try new vases, draw on your tins, name your plants! Maybe a shared plant baby with your date? Oh! And we highly highly recommend listening to the Plantaya Planting playlist while on the date to create some groovy vibes. Listen to some jams, open a bottle of cider, and plant away!

        As you can see, there’s a plethora of different ways to approach this one-of-a-kind plant date. Have a group of friends to do this with! All the more merrier. Planting doesn’t have to just be limited to only planting, you can decorate your vases, go on nature walks, and eat some salty potato chips. The whole experience is what makes the date magical. Each part, each mistake, each laugh, contributes to this intimate day you’ve shared. Make some goofy mistakes, laugh about it, eat some good food. It’ll be fun. Trust me. 

    So what are you waiting for? The perfect date awaits.