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Springtime; The Must Dos of Plantcare

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight. COVID-19 sucked and it still sucks. Yoga, stitching, picking up a new language was so last year. And alas the search for an engaging hobby has ended.


So you may be asking me, what’s the new craze then? What is the “totally-in” new hobby that everyone is partaking in? Well it’s something you probably already have in your home. Plants! With plants being the hottest craze since fidget spinners, mochi donuts, and practically anything rainbow, it can be overwhelming to care for them or even get into it. 


Here in the Bay Area, spring has a habit of coming early. Sunny days, bipolar weather, and trees in blossom, are all signs of the Springtime. But even if it’s a tad chilly where you live, the days are getting longer (Yes! Summer here I come!) and this means that your houseplants and future plant babies are about to wake up from their long winter dormancy. Now has never been the best time to ease them into a bountiful season with some maintenance and tips aimed towards the ultimate indoor plant care. 


Here’s 5 things to do to maximize your houseplants’ bloom…

1.Upgrade your plants’ home.

As your houseplants awake from the winter slumber, they begin to stretch their roots, (arms and legs) signalling new growth for the first time in months! This is the perfect time to provide your plants a bit of extra space to “stretch” and grow, since roots quickly seep out into the excess soil. Repotting reduces the risk of root rot and it provides a fresh change of soil for your plants. 

(note: Repotting is basically providing your plants with a new place to “stretch” after they wake up, like we do!)


2. Your plants are starving. Feed them! 

You're probably asking, feed my plants? Trust us on this! Fertilization is when you provide your plants with lost nutrients. As spring arrives, this is the perfect time to give your plants that extra boost. Now a lot of other blogs and stores advise using fish emulsion or seaweed, but fertilizer from your local nursery works just fine too! Less is always more with fertilization, be stingy (not too stingy) with how much fertilizer you provide. 

(note: Remember healthy nutrient levels = healthy growth!)


3.Provide some humidity!

Spring is near and that means the cold, dry winter months are no more. But did you know, it’s still helpful to provide your plants with humidity? Indirect humidity at 20-30% will drastically improve your plants’ wellbeing! Now, where can you buy a humidifier for your plants? Well my top pick would have to be the Plantaya Humidifier. Most humidifiers are pricey and chunky and offer no versatility, but the Plantaya offers practicality, versatility, and more importantly humidity. 

Here’s the link to the Plantaya if you decide to join the family!



4.Give them a haircut!

Winter. The cold, dry season in which plants’ leaves droop, yellow, brown, wilt, the list goes on. But do not fret! Spring is the perfect opportunity to say bye to those sad leaves because it’s finally time your plants grow some new happy leaves! 

Trim: Cut away leaves that show signs or yellowing/ browning. They can’t be brought back. 

Prune: Pruning is very easy and beneficial to your plant! For any plants that have vines and hang down, cut off any stems that have grown too long, or have put out barely any growth. The thing is, new stems will form in their place!

Compensate: Hey, it’s okay. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that not all plants are compatible with us. If they have outgrown your room or even you, donate it to someone who has more space! The beauty of plants is the ability to share beautiful moments of nature to anyone! But if it’s actually gone...you can send it back to the earth. (compost: yes that’s the green bin) It’s reassuring in a way to learn your plants have gone back to where they came from.


5.Clean your leaves!

You know what they say. Quality time helps them thrive. Give your plants a major makeover in the form of washing and dusting leaves from their winter mess. I typically use a rag or soft, damp towel to wipe the gunk and grime off my plants’ leaves. 

(note: Dusting and cleaning your plant’s leaves helps sunlight reach its leaves and encourages photosynthesis and respiration.)

Remember to support your bad boys with your palm under the leaves. You can wipe the dust off with ease! 


As I conclude, I want you all to have fun with this! Dealing with houseplants is supposed to be enjoyable! Plants aren’t supposed to be perfect so don’t worry if something goes wrong. Just have fun with it! Be creative, break the norms! 


What tips or methods do you guys use to prep your plants during the springtime? Questions? Plant puns? Any 6 ft tall plant monster hybrid for sale? Let us know in the comments!