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One goal. One idea. One product. Plantaya is the revolutionary humidifier made specifically for plants. It features an ultra-sleek design with a powerful mist to infuse your plants with natural humidity. 

Our Story

It all began in a small garage in 2017. The winter was cold, frigid, and dry, making it practically impossible to keep our plants alive. We scoured the internet for solutions, but they were either too expensive or yielded no results.

That's when we decided to take the jump and make our own. We wanted to deliver on a promise. A promise that would revolutionize the way we cared for our plants. 

Meet the Plantaya. A humidifier designed to provide your plants with maximal nutrition and humidity.   

The Plantaya

Optimized for Plantcare
The Plantaya employs the use of our Bio-Vapor™ technology to provide your plants with optimal nutrition.

Portable & Lightweight
The Plantaya prides itself in its portable footprint. With a small compact design, it can be placed anywhere with ease.

 Automatic Shutoff
The Plantaya can detect when the water level is low and automatically shut off. 

Quiet & 
Plantaya can be recycled and withstand tons of wear, It operates quietly and efficiently. 
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Exclusive Product Drops

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Fast Worldwide Shipping

You shouldn’t have to worry about shipment times or any delays. That’s why Plantaya offers complimentary fast and free 4-7 day shipping.

30 Day Refund Policy

It’s okay. Sometimes we don’t like the product. We get it. That’s why we offer a 30 day refund policy for any order you don’t feel satisfied with.

Level up your indoor garden

With The Plantaya Plant Humidifier