Marble Queen Pothos


Marble Queen Pothos

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Care Difficulty?
Easy - Perfect For New Plant Parents
I require medium to bright indirect light. I’m perfect for negative spaces in offices, bedrooms, and other common rooms.
40%-60% humidity will keep me happy.
Water me every 1-2 weeks for optimal health. Allow the top inch of soil to partially dry before watering again.
Pet / Child Safe?
I am toxic if ingested.
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A Little About Me
I’m a highly variegated cultivar of the classic Pothos houseplant. You could say that I’m the more over-the-top cousin. I have bright green leaves mottled with bright creamy white variegation that varies from the leaf. So I’m different and unique. Some of my leaves have larger green patches. I’m originally from the Solomon Islands. I’m different from my neon pothos or golden pothos cousins but I’m sure to be a beautiful addition to a foyer or dining table.
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